Antonio Incampo

Philosophical Pragmatics in Amedeo G. Conte

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Keywords: Deontics, Pragmatics, Praxeological Validity, Function, Rule of Function, Speech Act, Good.

At the beginning of his essay “Minima deonticaµ (1988) Conte highlights how the title expressly alludes to Minima moralia (1951) by Theodor Adorno. It is not a simple word game. Quite the contrary. It is a true philosophical project. Even the Deontics, in fact, as semiotics of normative language, does not fail in the task of giving moral explanations of the world. This article explores some legal validity conditions that go back to the very concept of legal acts (they are conditions of “praxeological validityµ to use Conte’s lexicon), demonstrating the importance that the “rules of functionµ have on the moral concept of good.

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Article first page