Francesco Romeo

Fairness and Predictive Justice. A Path from Machine Learning to the Concept of Law

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Keywords: Predictive Justice, Machine Learning and Law, Artificial Intelligence and Law, Deep Learning and Law, Fairness.

The crisis of effectiveness of the past decades has been at the same a crisis in the predictability of the citizen’s action and in the predictability of the legal response. The new ICT and AI studies, crossed with cognitive sciences have allowed the transformation of man, crossing him or hybridizing him with the result of the researches: the world of the inanimate comes to life and man is mixed with it, it is this double junction, this cultural chiasma, the central point of today. Framing legal science in this methodology can open up a different understanding of the concept of law. If we consider, for instance, the natural law theory, the three roots of natural law change: the nature of the thing changes, the nature of law changes and human nature also changes. On the other hand, law theorized as science has become more plausible, and it would give full meaning to legal predictivity, so legal statements would have, like scientific statements, their own predictive content on the occurrence of future events.

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