Gianluca Navone

The Legal Validity of «Graphometric» Signature

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Keywords: Electronic Identification; Entity Authentication; Data Origin Authentication; Electronic Signature; Advanced Electronic Signature; Graphometric Signature; Digitized Signature; Signature Dynamics; Handwritten Signature; Electronic Documents.

Despite the variety of approaches, all «graphometic» signature systems operate by the digitization of the mere handwritten signs and other biometric values of the signing gesture (such as pressure, rhythm, speed and acceleration - known as «signature dynamics» - of each pen stroke). Features (all of the above) that are unique for each different subscriber. Today banks and other financial intermediaries strongly rely on the «graphometric» signature as they use it - more and more widely - to sign contracts. That being said, the article examines the different methods of using the «graphometric» signature as an authentication system (entity authentication and data origin authentication) and critically questions the assumption that the «graphometric » signature is - according to the current European law - an «advanced electronic signature».

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