Carla Acocella Alessandro Di Martino

Updating competencies in digital administration



The adequacy of the competencies held by the bureaucratic structure of public bodies has long been a focus of debate – although not only legal – has focused on, because it is a variable that directly affects administrative capacity. The tendency is to emphasize a legal-administrative culture in the training and professional competencies of public personnel. This can sometimes negatively affect the ability of public bodies to address the challenges raised by the transformation of PA in terms of technological and digital innovation. This essay tries to point out how the Italian national recovery and resilience plan, and specifically the underlying urgency to acquire and develop (new) competencies (of a digital nature) for public employees, can lead to the achievement of goals relating to a long-term debate on the role played by people in determining the face of the public administration, the effectiveness of public policies, and therefore to the promotion of a real digitalization and modernization of PA


  • Digital Administration
  • Technical Entities
  • Pnrr
  • Technical Empowerment
  • Bureaucratic Transition


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