Sauro Angeletti

Digital skills for public administration staff: which skills and how to develop them



Following the Italian Recovery and Resilience Plan (RRP), up-skilling and reskilling of civil servants contributes directly to the pursuit of public administration reform. Investing in training and skills – both hard and soft – is highly strategic for implementing the digital, ecological, and administrative transition that the RRP has requested. Digital skills are the most urgent and necessary. These skills guarantee that “each employee understands, accepts, and adopts the new digital tools available and the new working processesµ. In this way, each employee could drive innovation, improving the service produced and the relationship with citizens. To address this issue, the National strategy for developing digital skills has been adopted in 2023. Based on the Directive of the Minister for Public Administration of 23 March 2023., the strategy is implemented by the digital platform for online training called “Syllabus: New Skills for Public Administrations.µ In line with this National strategy, at least 30% of national public administration employees will receive digital training by the end of 2023 and the other 70% by the end of 2025. The high request for training activities confirms awareness of the upskilling and reskilling needed and, on the other hand, the proactive attitude of public employees to improve their competence


  • Recovery and Resilience Plan
  • Human Capital
  • Soft Skills
  • Digital Skills
  • Training


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