Juan Garcia Gonzalez, Borja Martin Chacon

P. Otacilius Arranes: from the turma Salluitana to Casinum

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Informations and abstract

Keywords: Bronze of Ascoli, turma Salluitana, Pompey, Casinum, Sulla’s settlement of veterans

This paper argues that P. Otacilius Arranes, an individual recorded in a Republican inscription from ancient Casinum (CIL I2 3107), may plausibly be identified with the Iberian horseman Arranes Arbiscar f. mentioned in the Bronze of Ascoli (CIL I2 709). The establishment in the Italian town of this Spaniard, after receiving both the citizenship and the accompanying Roman onomastics, took place as a result of the veteran settlement programme that Sulla and his associates carried out in the aftermath of the Civil War.

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Article first page