Giorgio Rizzo, Ramon Jarrega Dominguez, Enric Colom Mendoza

Homuncio e la produzione tarda delle anfore Dressel 2: un nuovo bollo dalla basilica di Santa Balbina a Roma

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Informations and abstract

Keywords: Amphora stamp, Homuncio, ‘Middle-Imperial’ or ‘evolved’ Dressel 2, 2nd-early 3rd century A.D., amphorae typology

In the basilica of S. Balbina is preserved an amphora belonging to an evolved typological stage of Dressel 2 form which shows two stamps, in one of which the cognomen Homuncio is clearly read. The character is not known, but probably comes from a family originating in Cisalpine Gaul, of low social standing, as suggested by onomastic analysis. Homuncio joins other characters known on Dressel 2 amphorae stamps – Caedicia Victrix, Cornelius Pollio, Claudius Claudianus – attributed to a 2nd-early 3rd century AD Campanian production with rather standardized typological characteristics. However some findings allow us to recognize other origins of the amphorae of this type, inside and outside the Italian peninsula, and a more varied typology

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Article first page