Fabrizio La Manna

Subjects and Context. Nobles, Notables and Urban Dimension in Sicily in 1848

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Informations and abstract

Keywords: 1848, Revolution, Sicily, Urban population, Notables.

The essay focuses on the Sicilian revolution of 1848. It underlines the dynamics of the social classes that characterise the start of the uprising and the risulting institutional stabilization, which was due especially to enlarged base of consensus. The central importance of urban dimension, the role of notables and popular mobilization (through the involvement of the abolished handicraft corporations) are the essential elements that characterise the main insurgiencies during the Risorgimento. All these elements were to be particularly important in 1848. Indeed, the cultural and professional élites not only joined the revolutionary movement, but they also took command very quickly. Nevertheless, the relationship between the élites and the people required historical figures able to mediate.

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Article first page