Lucia Fanizza

Lex curiata, lex Cornelia, senatusconsulta, imperium. Palingenesi e mantriche ripetizioni

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Keywords: Appius Claudius Pulcher; Imperium Proconsulare; Leges Corneliae; Lex Curiata; Senatusconsulta passed in 53-52.

Cicero's letters reveal that in order to define and practice the "proconsular imperium", the interpretation of "leges Corneliae" must have taken into account the history and persistency of the "lex curiata". This paper features Appius Claudius Pulcher's vision of "imperium proconsulare". It furthermore points out some key texts regarding the settlement of "senatusconsulta" passed in 53-52, usually underrated in the common bibliography.

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Article first page