Tania Bazzani

EUBS Implementation from a Comparative Perspective: A Chance for Increasing the EU's Legitimacy. The Danish and the Italian Systems

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The article aims at providing specific remarks for implementing a European Unemployment Benefit Scheme (EUBS) in the EU Member States. In doing this, this contribution highlights the potential role for the EUBS in helping EU institutions gain legitimacy in the eyes of the European citizens. This topic appears particularly relevant after Brexit, and should not be ignored. In order to deal with this issue, the article proposes to take into consideration two different models, which are sorts of poles apart: the Danish system, in order to point out those aspects that have been crucial for the achievement of a high level of legitimacy in such a labour market policies (LMPs) best practice example; the Italian system, in order to understand whether EU legitimacy could be reached through the EUBS implementation in a State with peculiar problems in LMPs and to highlight practical issues that may need dealing with.

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Article first page