Pasquale Stoppelli

Ricordo di Conor Fahy, con un’ipotesi sul “cancellansµ del Furioso del 1532

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Informations and abstract

Keywords: Textual bibliography; Conor Fahy; Orlando furioso 1532; cancellans / cancellandum

At a distance of ten years from the death of Conor Fahy the article remembers the first moments of the diffusion in Italy of “Textual bibliographyµ. In the Spring of 1985, the author of the present article invited Conor to give a talk as part of his course in Italian philology at the University of Rome “La Sapienzaµ. That encounter provided the inspiration for the volume Filologia dei testi a stampa (edited by Pasquale Stoppelli, 1987), which made available for an Italian readership some important articles by British and American scholars. Fahy subsequently published in Italian an in-depth study of the final edition of Ariosto’s masterpiece (L’«Orlando furioso» del 1532. Profilo di una edizione, 1989). With Conor’s discussion as a starting point, different explanations are expounded and assessed as to why during the printing of the 1532 Furioso a whole sheet was set and printed a second time.

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