Guido Melis

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From the Risorgimento to Bottai and Spadolini. The long road of cultural heritage in the history of Italian Unification

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Keywords: Cultural Heritage; Protection; Cultural Promotion.

Cultural heritage in contemporary Italy starts immediately after unification. A number of good laws (but some preunification systems already dealt with this issue) increase protection on the part of the State and enlarge little by little the number of assets to be protected. At the same time the first nucleus of a specialized administration sees the light. All this situation is the origin of a sector legilsation during Giolitti's time. During last part of the 30s, fascist legislation, promoted by Minister Bottai, gives new strenght to the superintendences on the whole italian territory and creates important central foundations. A real policy for cultural heritage arises and it extends itself to the landscape and other subjects, with strict restrictions for private citizens. Minister Spadolini has an important role after the second world war period: thanks to him Italy has a specific ministry for cultural heritage.

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