Pietro Secchi

Pico and Averroes: Some Margin Notes

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Keywords: Pico della Mirandola; Renaissance; Concord; Averroism.

The diffusion and the significance of Averroism in the Renaissance European culture has been long investigated so far. Even recently the issue has been faced by scholars like Loris Sturlese, Sergio Landucci, Guido Giglioni. The very presence of this cultural orientation within Pico della Mirandola’s thought has been the goal of the studies of Giovanni Licata who focused his attention on the pivotal role of Elia Del Medigo. The aim of this paper, even through the new researches of Ovanes Akopyan and Giovanna Murano, is to propose a direct relationship between Pico and Averroes, due to the reading of The Incoherence of Incoherence. Two aspects are decisive: 1) the use of Averroes as a device to reach the Concord and to ‘move’ Aristotle towards Plato; 2) his strong influence on the philosophical anthropology, which is based on the autopoietic nature of man.

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