Marcello Musté

Gentile and Gioberti

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Keywords: Giovanni Gentile; Vincenzo Gioberti; Italian Philosophy; Idealism; History of Storiography.

The article takes into account the relationship between Giovanni Gentile and Vincenzo Gioberti's work, from the early compositions to the last writings on "political realism". A wide use of archival resources allows the author to redefine (also with reference to Bertrando Spaventa's influence) the different steps in the composition of "Rosmini and Gioberti" and reconstruct the Gentile's relations with other authors of the so-called "Giobertian revival", as Edmondo Solmi and Valentino Piccoli. The work of Gentile, from the publication of eleven volumes of the epistolary to the "Nuova Protologia" (1912), is considered in light of the recent results of the Giobertian philology. The author analyses in particular the extensive use that, for years, Gentile made of the Giobertian "poligonia", until the Florentine speech "La mia religione" (1943). In the political thought, the successive discovery of Giuseppe Mazzini complicated the judgment about Gioberti, but Gentile always continued his reflection on this thinker.

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