Silvia Calamandrei

A Comment and Some Clarifications on G. Sasso's Article "On Piero Calamandrei's Diary (1939-1945). Reflections and Some Memories" («La cultura», 1/2017)

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Keywords: Biblioteca Archivio Piero Calamandrei Di Montepulciano; Gennaro Sasso; Piero Calamandrei; Fascism; Italian Culture.

As co-editor with some others from the Biblioteca Archivio Piero Calamandrei of the integral version Calamandrei's Diary (1939-1945), the author, who is a Calamandrei's granddaughter too, illustrates the criteria followed in their restoring all in the first edition "omissis". In the form of a kind but firm dialogue with G. Sasso she seems to appreciate a number of his critical observations dealing with the courage of some and the weakness of others as well as with the sensitive problems of political decisions and ethical consciousness in the Italian cultural world during Fascism. While she intends to highlight - taking a distance from Sasso - that from the years 1943-1944 Calamandrei reached a ripe and full vision of Fascism and its risks.

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