Antonio Di Meo

Primo Levi the “hybridµ. A Reinterpretation

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Keywords: Hybrid; Periodic Table of Elements; Grey Zone; Languages; Intermediate States; Drowned; Saved; Chemistry; Metaphor.

Primo Levi defined himself more than once a hybrid between industrial chemist, writer, but also ex-deportee to Auschwitz, non-believer Jew, Italian and Piedmontese. The issue of his hybridity can be found through his whole literary work, in fact the term recurs frequently. The purpose of this article is to consider almost exclusively the chemist/writer/deportee-witness hybridization, considering that the concept of hybridization is largely used not only in biology, but also in modern chemistry. The article will also examine Levi’s style, literary intentions and some neglected aspects of his works, even the most famous ones

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Article first page