Stefano Mecci

Socrates’ Daemon in Maximus of Tyre

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Informations and abstract

Keywords: Socrates’ Daimonion; Demonology; Maximus of Tyre; Middle Platonism; Divination.

In the context of the Middle Platonic tradition, where demonology is particularly developed, Socrates’ daimonion plays a crucial role: Maximus of Tyre devotes two Orations ( viii and ix ) to this theme. Aim of this paper is to focus on Maximus’ interpretation of this aspect of Socrates’ personality, with particular attention to the philosophical and ‘theological’ implications. Through this analysis, new light is shed on the philosophical originality of Maximus’ presentation, showing that his interpretation of the Socratic daemon is based on an erudite attention to the Socratic and Platonic tradition and on acute hermeneutic ability.

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Article first page