Salvador Cuenca Almenar

Desire for and Hindrance to Knowledge in the Convi- vio and in the Trattato di logica in volgare (ms. madrid, BNE, 10124)

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Keywords: Dante; Convivio; Aristotle; Medieval Reception of the Organon.

The same proemial structure articulates the introduction to the Convivio and to the Trattato di logica in volgare preserved in the manuscript 10124 of the Biblioteca Nacional, Madrid. The objective of this paper is to underline these structural similarities, such as the Aristotelian incipit (Met. i 1), the topic of wisdom as the realization of human nature, and the obstacles to the development of science. We will point out a particular concordance between the conclusions of the introduction of the Trattato di logica and the argument in Conv. I ix , 5-8, which links noble nature and excellent psychophysical complexion. Finally, we will provide, as an appendix, the transcription of the introduction to the Trattato di logica in volgare.

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Article first page