Massimiliano Guareschi

Between Athena and Mars. An Analysis of the Military Strategic Culture Starting from the Revolution in Military Affairs Debate

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Keywords: Military Strategic Culture, War, Revolution in Military Affairs (Rma), Military Sociology, Technological Innovation.

In the decades around the turning point of the new millennium, the military-strategic debate was focused on the high concept of Revolution in Military affairs (Rma). For some analysts, the technological innovation and the changes in the diplomatic-strategic context would produce a revolutionary transformation of war and its conduct, while other analysts consider those changes only incremental and the emphasis on the changes would just aim at promoting interests of the high-tech military-industrial complex. The article does not want to provide an exhaustive account of the Rma discussions. Otherwise, the main positions emerged from the debate – summarized as «modernists», «militarists», «classicists» – are analysed with the purpose of identifying structural elements that characterize the field of military-strategical culture.

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Article first page