Rahm Philippe

What is Meteorological Architecture?

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Keywords: Meteorological Architecture, Climate

Architecture is the art of building climates. Establishing the orientation of streets, the shape of blocks, the exposure of buildings, the layout of flats in a building, the size of rooms are all actions related to climate and health. The close relationship between climate and health was clear to Vitruvius, Alberti and Palladio, to mention the classics that every architect knows well. This awareness was largely lost over time thanks to the discovery of antibiotics, vaccines and oil, and the possibility of cooling and heating any room. Global warming – which is largely caused by the building industry – is forcing us to think of a city that is less and less dependent on fossil fuels with livable environments and microclimates made possible by using natural climatic devices. The saying inherited from functionalism «form follows function» must be replaced with «form follows climate». Climate is the new architectural language.

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