Anna Maria Giampietro, Tiziana Perri, Francesca Scannone

Hydroponic Greenhouse. Technology Innovation, Sustainability and Circular Economy

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Keywords: Hydroponic Greenhouse, Innovation, Recycling

Hydroponic crops include all the cultivation techniques realized without using traditional agricultural land. Hydroponics is one of the most important innovations among those that interested greenhouse cultivations in recent years, thanks to its adaptable technology. Latest generation greenhouses with automatic systems for an efficient control of the internal climate conditions and of nutrients can be set up in highly developed contexts. Very simple greenhouses made by recycled and low cost materials can be used in marginal and poor contexts, such as developing countries. The possibility of growing one or more crops in not usually appropriate conditions for agriculture, with a lower consumption of water, fertilizers, lands, herbicides and disinfectants, implies reducing environmental impacts and foster sustainability of agricultural activities.

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