Patricia Mindus

Note on Ernst Cassirer's Years in Sweden

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Keywords: Ernst Cassirer, Basisphänomene, Uppsala School, Axel Hägerström, Metaethics.

In this article, some recent literature on Ernst Cassirer and foremost on the years he spent in Sweden (1935-41) is presented against the background of the contemporary streaming of ideas. Sweden's philosophical panorama was then characterized to a large extent by the so-called Uppsala school of Axel Hägerström and Adolph Phalén, that developed a strong criticism of subjectivism as well as a non-cognitivist and language-centred form of meta-ethics. Cassirer engaged in dialogue with both the theoretical and practical philosophy he encountered in Sweden - an occasion for him to attune his original philosophical stance - that, today, offers a significant opportunity for scholars to understand the context of an otherwise often overlooked period in his intellectual life.

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