Anna Lisa Schino

Weigel and Pufendorf: Method of Analysis and Natural Right

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Informations and abstract

Keywords: Method of Analysis; Method of Synthesis; Natural Law.

The aim of this paper is to investigate Descartes' method of analysis and synthesis and its influence on the works of Weigel and Pufendorf. By applying the mathematical method to all parts of philosophy, Weigel claims to take out philosophy from the present "ruins" and to construct a coherent and true system. The result is a conciliatory eclecticism in which are combined Descartes' method of analysis and the Aristotelian logic. Weigel profoundly influenced Pufendorf's methodological approach to the new science of natural law. Pufendorf's ultimate goal is the emancipation of natural law from religion as the starting point to solve religious contemporary disputes.

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