Marcello Carrozzino

The «Cave» and Virtual Environments

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Informations and abstract

Keywords: «Cave»; Information Landscape; Simulation; Virtual Environment; Virtual Reality.

Virtual Reality (VR) is a technology enabling a natural paradigm of interaction between humans and computers. VR users interact with simulated environments and receive a feedback to their actions in terms of information stimulating their sensory system: images, sounds, tactile cues. VR experiences improve as much as this feedback is immersive; for vision, this means that digital images completely surround users and hide any visual cue coming from the real environment where they are actually located. In collective imagination, VR is commonly associated to headsets serving this purpose; nevertheless in latest years different immersive visualization systems, such as «Cave», are becoming increasingly popular. This paper introduces the «Cave», highlighting its main technical features, opportunities and limitations, describing current and sketching possible future scenarios of use.

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Article first page