Dalila Colucci

Transiting and Living Bodies. The Irreducible Ontological Fullness of a «Res Sacra»

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Keywords: Body; Things; Persons; Materiality; Bio-Politics.

The article provides a review of Roberto Esposito's book "Le persone e le cose" (Torino, Einaudi, 2014), a philosophical reflection on the concept of body and its modern evolutions within bio-technology and bio-politics. It examines Esposito's investigation on the body's value through eras and theories which have reduced it to a means of distinction between the transcendent and the objective nature of the human being. It follows the author's deconstruction of the binary dialectic "persons" vs "things", reevaluating the body as a transit point between them, in an intellectual and civil perspective: reading the body as a place of interaction leads in fact to reconsider both things and persons in their singularity and in their collective existence, perceived as a political means of inclusion.

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Article first page