Ubaldo Fadini, Barbara Henry, Alfredo Tomasetta

Superintelligenza. Tendenze, pericoli, strategie di Nick Bostrom

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Informations and abstract

Keywords: Bostrom, Artificial Intelligence, Human Brain, Superintelligence, Control.

Ubaldo Fadini, Barbara Henry and Alfredo Tomasetta discuss Nick Bostrom’s Superintelligence. Paths, Dangers, Strategies, recently translated into Italian. Fadini sheds light and critically analyzes the core concepts of the book: artificial intelligence, superintelligence, the problem control, superintelligent will. Henry focuses on the strategic role of the relation between human brain and artificial machine/intelligence (and its potential). Tomasetta critically discusses the concept of superintelligence, arguing that Bostrom’s vision is exaggeratedly apocalyptic.

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Article first page