Journal of Philosophy and Public Debate

Table of Contents number 2, 2020, August

  • ISBN: 978-88-15-28860-8
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  • Vol.: XXXIII
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  • RDF
    • Donata Lenzi
    • The Law 219/2017 on Informed Consent and the Question of Assisted Suicide

    • pp. 313-328, DOI: 10.1414/98541
    • Maurizio Mori
    • Italy Ahead on the End-of-life Ethics, Being the First Big State Admitting Medically Assisted Suicide

    • pp. 329-336, DOI: 10.1414/98542
    • Finestre

    • Furio Cerutti
    • Inequality and Populism. About the Possible Political Consequences of the Covid-19 Pandemics

    • pp. 385-396, DOI: 10.1414/98547
    • Francesco Campana, The End of Literature, Hegel, and the Contemporary Novel (L. Dequal); Umberto Castiello, La mente delle piante. Introduzione alla psicologia vegetale (G. Pellegrino); Adriana Cavarero, Democrazia sorgiva. Note sul pensiero politico di Hannah Arendt (D. Bassi); Federico Chicchi, Karl Marx (F. Tomasello); Vittorio Hösle, Kritik der verstehenden Vernunft. Eine Grundlegung der Geisteswissenschaften (M. Bozzetti); Alain Touraine, In difesa della modernità (A. Tonarelli).

    • pp. 451-466, DOI: 10.1414/98551