Paolo Somigli

Il mio "Credo" è come un rock

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Ever since 1960s there has flourished a liturgical production destined above all to the young. Given that it continually addresses its targets and main users, this production draws many of its features from the music of current consumption and hence changes with extreme rapidity. The result is a certain difficulty in forming a stable repertoire. And conversely, we observe that the young generations of Catholics have scant familiarity with the liturgical repertoire transmitted by the preceding generations. Resorting to current musical trends also has implications of a conceptual order. Though not necessarily intentional, they invite reflection, and also help to provide answers to some of the questions prompted by current liturgical practice, such as the frequent lack of congregational participation in the singing during the masses animated by youth groups. The article tackles all these problems through an investigation of some of the more significant experiences that have followed one another over the last forty years (pop Masses, songs of the usual repertoire, Gen music).

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