Emanuele Coluccia, Adriano Martello

Il ruolo della memoria di lavoro visuo-spaziale nell'orientamento geografico: uno studio correlazionale

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Two experiments studied the relationship between Visuo-Spatial Working Memory (VSWM) and orientation ability in map learning condition. Volunteers studied maps with irregular (Exp. 1: M = 53, F = 57) and regular (Exp. 2: M = 14, F = 16) pattern of routes. Then they performed 8 orientation tasks, designed to study landmark, survey and route knowledge, and 4 VSWM span tests, tapping active/passive and simultaneous/ sequential processes. Results show that orientation tasks are performed better in irregular map; VSWM span tests predict performance in spatial orientation with higher involvement for males than females; in Exp. 2 males performed orientation tasks better than females. Overall, results suggest that different aspects of VSWM are involved in different aspects of spatial orientation ability with a greater involvement for males.

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