Anna Maria Manganelli Rattazzi Chiara Volpato Luigina Canova

Ambivalent attitudes toward women and men. Contribution to the validation of ASI and AMI scales

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Recently Glick and Fiske proposed a theory of prejudice based on consideration that the intergroup relationships are often ambivalent and contradictory. These authors also designed and tested two scales to assess the ambivalent attitudes toward women and men: the Ambivalent Sexism Inventory (ASI) and the Ambivalence toward Men Inventory (AMI). The ASI expresses two positively correlated components of sexism, Hostile Sexism (HS) and Benevolent Sexism (BS); likewise AMI expresses two dimensions of attitude toward men, hostility (HM) and benevolence (BM). The research presented in this paper aims to provide a contribution to the validation of these scales in the Italian context. Participants were 333 university students, males and females. Our results support the validity and the reliability of the two scales.


  • Ambivalent sexism inventory
  • ambivalence toward men inventory
  • validation
  • stereotypes
  • political orientation


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