Andrea Manfrinati, Michela Sarlo, Lorella Lotto

A new set of 60 moral dilemmas: Italian norms for moral acceptability judgments, decision times, and affective ratings

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Keywords: Moral judgment, moral dilemmas, trolley problems, doctrine of double effect, normative study.

The widespread need for standardized moral dilemmas has been increasingly motivated by the recent criticism raised against the stimulus material employed by Greene et al. (2001). The present study aimed at presenting a novel and standardized set of moral dilemmas, controlled for some relevant features that affect people's moral judgment. Specifically, in this study we provide the following normative data for 75 moral dilemmas (60 experimental dilemmas and 15 filler dilemmas): a) the percentages of affirmative responses to the resolution of the dilemma, b) the decision times, c) the judgments of moral acceptability to the resolution of the dilemma, and d) the affective ratings of Valence and Arousal.

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