Carolina Cittone, Daniela Villani

Psychomotor interventions to promote wellbeing in prescholar age: A narrative review

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Keywords: Wellbeing; Psychomotor Intervention; Pre-Scholar Age; Socio-Emotional Skills; Cognitive Skills.

This narrative review analyzes the scientific literature about the use of psychomotor intervention in the pre-scholar age. The psychomotricity is a discipline based on a holistic concept of the early childhood: it supports the evolutionary process of the infants and uses the embodied processes activated by the game as a preferential way to interact with them. Results, based on the review of 13 articles, show that psychomotor intervention has a positive effect on multiple developmental areas: motor, cognitive and emotiverelational and enhances different competences. In some studied these advantages are described to be predictive of a better bio-psychosocial wellbeing in teen age and adult age. In conclusion, while taking into account the limits of this review, the interpretation of our results gives important suggestions about desirable methodology of future interventions.

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