Maria De Martino, Francesca Postiglione, Giulia Bracco, Alessandro Laudanna

DeGNI, Declensional classes and grammatical Gender of Italian Nouns: a lexical database

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Informations and abstract

Keywords: Nouns; Grammatical Gender; Inflection; Gender Suffixes; Inflectional Classes.

The present paper describes a lexical database containing 23.619 Italian nouns. Grammatical, morphological and orthographic information about grammatical gender and declensional pattern of inflection between singular and plural forms are provided for each noun. Every item in the database and its frequency values were extracted from the most representative frequency lexicon of contemporary written Italian (CoLFIS, Bertinetto, Burani, Laudanna, Marconi, Ratti, Rolando e Thornton, 2005). The database allows to take into consideration many linguistic parameters simultaneously during the selection of lists of lexical items: frequency, gender, declensional class and formal parameters like length, initial and ending letter, orthographic syllable.

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