Paolo Perulli

Social science crisis and paradigm shifts

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Keywords: Crisis; Contract; Paradigm; Global Order.

The crisis of social sciences is today confronted with the need to produce useful knowledge to recover from the ongoing global economic, social and institutional crisis: any dialogue with other sciences heavily depends on it. This article finds the origin of current regulation crisis in the process of uncontrolled expansion of the contract logic: no longer embedded in a trust-based relational «envelope», the contract has become a heavy risky and uncertain process until the explosion of current financial and economic governance crises. The dominant economic theory is unable to understand (as well as its ally juridical theory of contracts) the nexus between its own paradigm and the current crisis. Today we are looking for new forms able to connect contract and society in a new model: relational and associative, based on a project to rediscover the horizon of a future in which social actors will be able to cooperate in the global epoch.

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Article first page