Paola Bordandini

Fiducia interpersonale e nelle istituzioni: piccoli imprenditori a confronto

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This essay examines the concept of trust in a sample of small entrepreneurs in three areas of Italy: Conegliano (Veneto, a "white" area in the North), Empoli (Tuscany, a "red" area in the Centre) and Giulianova (Abruzzi, in the Centre-South). The author focuses on two different concepts of trust: trust as a result of a rational weighing of evidence and trust as faith and feeling of identity. The empirical analysis is focused on the similarities and differences between the three groups of small entrepreneurs in terms of trust in their immediate social relationships (relatives, friends, citizens, businessmen, Italians at large, immigrants) and trust in institutions or organisations (local, regional and national governments, president of the republic, Parliament, judges, the church, parties, and big enterprises).

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Article first page