Alessia Anzivino, Renato Fiocca

Value Creation in Partnership Profit-Non Profit: The Cases of Terna and Banco Alimentare

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Keywords: Partnership Profit-Non Profit; Value Creation; Triple Helix Model; Csr.

Recent studies have suggested that partnerships between profit and non profit organizations create value for both the actors involved in this type of relation. It is important to underline that the term «value» has different meanings for companies and for non profit organizations: for companies value is an economic expression strictly linked to profit growth; for non profit organizations the concept of value is linked to the satisfaction of social needs. Drawing on literature based on value creation in partnership profit- non profit, this qualitative paper aims at studying value creation in collaboration between profit and non profit organizations throughout the in depth study of two different cases: Terna and Banco Alimentare. The paper revisits also the Triple Helix model considering the interactions between profit, non profit and public sector in a value creation view. Findings show that when there are synergies and solid basis on which building partnerships, fruitful relations could be created and these relations can evolve from the simple concept of donation for non profit organizations. Sometimes this fruitful partnerships impact in a positive way on the environment setting up social investments that include also public sector. The paper offers a contribution to the debate on cross sector partnerships and practical suggestions for managers of profit and non profit organizations involved in the collaborations.

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