A.M. Fogheri

The role of energy efficiency within urban regeneration

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Keywords: Energy Efficiency; Urban Regeneration; Renewable Energy; Energy Mix; Environment; Site Safeguard.

In order to realize high-profile projects in the field of energy efficiency, stakeholders are required to evaluate the climate potential and natural resources of the territory, with the aim of optimizing the use of techniques and technologies. The use and promotion of indigenous resources have to be considered within the context of renewable sources for the production of electricity and heat, as well as within the context of eco-sustainable materials for their potential of reuse as waste resulting from the process of construction and demolition. Since cities were made for people, it is desirable in all processes of urban regeneration the creation or maintenance - where it already exists - of a perfect balance between the need for preservation of their identity and the need for in novation, through the promotion of the development of propensities typical of each place. Therefore every urban regeneration project will necessarily provide for the implementation of guidelines and best practices carried out through the participation of citizens and stakeholders, whose cooperation and perspectives have to take a leading role in all stages of the regeneration process. In this participation process, each citizen has to become aware that with good behaviour he/she is the main responsible for the results of energy efficiency. Urban centres are precisely where major waste of natural resources and production of waste, pollution and environmental degradation are produced.

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