R. Padovani, G.L.C. Provenzano

A System Framework for a Competitive Relaunch of the South and the Country

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Informations and abstract

Keywords: Economic Growth; Convergence; Development Strategy.

This paper offers not only elements of analysis, but also some information about the lines of action that the SVIMEZ proposes to contribute to the definition of a development strategy necessary to overcome the Italian dualism. Starting with some data on the economic and social trends in the South during the crisis period (2008-2014), it gives the size of the challenge for restarting a process of development, that does not mean merely growth, within a plan where the State becomes responsible as «director», and not as a simple spending subject or only as a guarantor of market functioning. In order to address the crisis of competitiveness of both the South and the entire country - starting from the need to relaunch public investment, also as a lever to activate private ones - this paper proposes a programme of interventions structured on specific priority and unifying issues - the so-called drivers - in a Mediterranean as well as renewed active development policy perspective. In addition to the relaunch of a coherent and modern industrial policy, these areas are: logistics, renewable energy, urban and environmental regeneration, agribusiness and agro-industry, water government, industrial policy and research and innovation. It is to implement a strategy that must be based on a "system framework for a competitive relaunch of the South and the Country".

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