Marco Parisi

Right to Security and Democratic Freedoms: What (Possible) Balance?

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Keywords: Security, Freedom, Ideal and Religious Pluralism, Social Integration.

The need to identify a point of balance between safeguarding of the collective security and guaranteeing of the inalienable freedoms, imposed by the multi-ethnic character of contemporary society, can be satisfied by means of public action based on respect for the values of equality, solidarity and of pluralism. Values that translate into criteria for orienting political activity and selecting constitutional priorities, giving the appropriate importance to the growing pressures towards the individualism of the natives and the social isolation of the immigrants. A strategy that has leveraged the representation of fear and the conformation around it of an individual and collective right to security claimed in terms of absolute primacy. The politically and, apparently, economically simpler way of guaranteeing the right to security has been pursued, forgetting that the best way to maintain public order is precisely to ensure the general guarantee of freedoms (including the one of religion and worship), putting everyone in a position to actually exercise them. The objective of the rule of law and of the contemporary pluralist society can only be the realization of a peaceful coexistence between the different ideals, both to avoid any impairment in the enjoyment of fundamental rights and to avoid the tendency towards homologation between the various cultures (which, on the other hand, must remain different despite their necessary legal and social integration).

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