Benedetta Barbisan

First Thoughts on the Italian Way to Constitutional Patriotism

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Keywords: Constitutional Patriotism; Particracy; Populism; Form of Government; Constitutional Fulfilment.

The Italian Constitution is a beautiful constitution and, if we look at it through the lens of linguistics, also rather approachable and easy to go through. Yet, swinging between hyperbolic exaltation and failed reforms, the relation Italians have with it is however troubled. Why is it so? Since 1948, two factors have thrived and mutually reinforced in Italian institutions: the evolution of the party system and the inefficiency of the form of government. The persistent combination of these two elements along the Republican era has educated Italians to depend on the party system for their needs and rights. Parties have always been the main actors on the stage, cluttering the scene and pushing the Constitution behind the curtain. This must be the time to finally acknowledge the relevance of some kind of constitutional patriotism in Italy to put an emphasis on our institutions as constitutionally generated bodies instead of entities depending for their existence on their sole political administration and to offer new foundations to our civic mindedness.

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Article first page