Stefano Beggiora, Anna Scarabel

Covid-19 and Hindu traditional environments: A case study on health and religion in India

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Keywords: Covid-19, India, ×aṅkarācarya, Dharma, Kali Yuga, Pandemic, Svāmī Svarūpanānda Sarasvatī.

This study proposes an analysis of the impact of the contemporary health emergency / covid-19 in traditional Hindu religious environments in India, with particular focus on the ×aṅkarācarya’s seats of the of Jhyotiṣpīṭa and Dvāraka Pīṭha. In this framework, the article highlights the perception of the emergency and related legislation during lockdowns, also emphasizing the perception of the essence of the virus in Hindu religious perspective and in particular the ways of reacting to the pandemic threat.

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