Francesco Margiotta Broglio

La politica religiosa della Repubblica Italiana. Elementi e riflessioni

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Informations and abstract

Keywords: Bilateral Legislation; Lateran Pacts; Constitution; Religious Freedom; Religious Diversity.

The Italian policy about religious issues has been developing along the last decades. The importance of the Lateran Pacts and of the Catholic Church were predominant at the beginning of the Italian Republic, while the revision of the Concordat in 1984 introduced a new attitude towards religious denominations. In particular, the new Agreement is to be seen in the dimension of religious freedom and not only as an agreement between two sovereign parts. The conclusion of further agreements (intese) with other religious denominations has brought Italy to a better implementation of Consitutional principles (religious freedom, equality, secularism). Today the religious diversity of Italian society, the growing presence of non-believers and diminishing attendance of churches are evident; however the legislation and policies are unchanged, with a strong role of accords and the lack of a general law on religious freedom.

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