Gianni Arrigo

Dalla concertazione al dialogo sociale: Europa e Italia

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Several factors concur in conditioning the stability and continuity of social concertation policies, such as the political orientation and reliability of the Government in office, the relationship among the various social partners (not simply worker's organizations but also those of employers) and the compliance with rules by all partners in the concertation process. Currently, an element of weakness in Italian concertation is the lack of true rules and the government's will to reduce concertation to a free consultation with social partners, who would essentially have the task of applying programs and goals which have already been predetermined by the Government. The most serious aspect is that this declassing has been justified by the will to "adjust" Italian concertation to European social dialogue procedures which, on the contrary and as reflected by Community regulations and by the practices established so far, appears to be characterized by the Commission's full acknowledgement of the social partners' contribution.

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