Alessandra Fontana

Nella nebulosa degli strumenti di tutela del reddito: indennità di mobilità e integrazioni salariali

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The Author analyses and traces the legislative evolution of the mobility benefit (MB) and of the short time earning funds (STEF). The two instruments of social security are examined in relation to the typical event that generates the protection and to its consequences in terms of subjects entitled, financing, conditions of entitlement, benefit level and duration, procedures and flanking benefits. The Author, while analyzing the evolution of MB and STEF, outlines the progressive and definitive abandonment of the typical insurance model. The qualifying conditions, in fact, are strictly linked to economic and social policies, which are often confusing, chaotic and contradictory. In particular, as regards STEF, the Author stresses the distorted use of the instrument, utilized in order to face the definitive and not temporary crises of the enterprise. The two benefits are both instruments of social protection as well as of active labour market policies. They are indeed geared to the re-employment of the unemployed (worker in mobility) or of the temporarily unemployed worker (worker on short time earning fund). The promotion of re-employment is realized through contributions reductions for employers who assume workers on benefits and through sanctions to the workers who refuse employment offers, even if these do not guarantee the conservation of the skills acquired.

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