Gian Luca Conti

The Republic as a financial enigma (the principle of coordination between resources and functions in the Constitutional Court ru- lings nn. 76 and 155/2020)

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Keywords: State/Regions, interest in the process, public accounting, essential levels of benefits, Provinces, State budget.

In Italy, the word Republic hides in its meaning also a financial enigma. And that is remarkable in financial crisis times and also in the post covid season. But this enigma cannot be solved by Government or by a bureaucracy constrained by fiscal rules. The real problem to be solved is how Regioni can partecipate in the allocation of national budget and this participation must be at the parliamentary level of the State Budget Process. Every Regione, that is in Italy a unit of the one Republic, exercises its functions, particular for the health system. The Republic must allocate standard financial needs for Regioni’s functions and that allocation is a political question which must be politically solved by parliamentary rules and must not be let alone in the fiscal rules anonymity.

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