Le Regioni
Two-monthly review of legal and institutional analysis


The review deals with the problems of the multilevel governance in the Italian State, which has been evolving in the last decades from a centralised to a "quasi-federal" organisation. The main focus is on the legal and institutional point of view. On the one hand, the review studies the relations between the (European and) national community and the regional communities; on the other hand, it investigates the relations between the regional and the local communities. The relevant matter is discussed both through the creation of possible theoretical frameworks and through the actual observation of the legal reality. The review supports the idea of an even closer union among the European States, which in turn can provide a new institutional level, in some way reducing the national level to a "local" one. Further, the European level offers a common ground for a comparative consideration of the Italian solutions with the situation of other European countries. Finally, the review analyses the case law of the Constitutional Court, which acts in the Italian system as the last guarantor of the reciprocal competences and boundaries of the State, the Regions and the local communities.

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