Gianluca Gini, Paolo Albiero, Beatrice Benelli

Relazione tra bullismo, empatia ed autoefficacia percepita in un campione di adolescenti

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The present study analysed the relations between bullying, empathy and perceived self-efficacy in Italian adolescents. Data showed negative relations between the tendency to engage in bullying behaviours (pro-bullying scales) and empathy, especially the level of empathic concern. On the contrary, this dimension was positively correlated with the tendency to act prosocially and help victimised schoolmates (Defender scale). As regards perceived self-efficacy, negative relations emerged between pro-bullying roles and different components of self-efficacy, both related to school success and to interpersonal relationships (i.e., regulatory self-efficacy). In contrast, Defender and Outsiders scales positively correlated with almost all self-efficacy dimensions.

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Article first page