Psicologia clinica dello sviluppo
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Published since 1997, Psicologia Clinica dello Sviluppo contains original contributions regarding theory, clinical and experimental research on the normal and pathological development of the child. The journal offers space for detailed observations, discussion and comparisons between different viewpoints and experiences, in order to provide a more solid and integrated identity for clinical psychology of development and to create greater awareness of the importance of specific clinical connotations in psychological practice. The journal is an important source of information for the profession and for keeping up to date psychologists, psychotherapists and those operating in medical/psychological/social services and within the school system, who are concerned with the following topics: psychopathology of development, psychodiagnostics, personality disorders, psychotherapy, neuropsychology of development, mental retardation and learning difficulties, language and communication disorders, handicap, rehabilitation and prevention of psychosocial risk.

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