Paola Manfredi, Vincenzo Tomasoni, Antonio Imbasciati

L'esposizione auditiva fetale: una ricerca sulle madri in gravidanza

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Refering to a mental constructivistic theory of psychical life, the foetal period is very important as the passage from the sensorial afference to perception just happens in this period and in such a way primary mental construction are established. This paper reports the data collected using a questionnaire concerning the auditive exposure which wase administred to a sample of 211 pregnant women, between sixth and ninth month. The acoustic stimuli were grouped according to their nature (noise, music, song, word), origin (from mother, from external environment) and mother's will to comunicate with foetus. Various kinds of auditive exposure were distinguished and possible relations, comparing various aspects of such exposure, and crossing acoustical variable with social variables (i.e. age of mother, month of gestation, profession of parent, etc.) were evaluated.

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