Giuliana Gregorio

Nietzschean Themes in Friedrich Georg Jünger

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Informations and abstract

Keywords: Nietzsche; F.G. Jünger; Will to Power; Apollonian; Dionysian.

Although Nietzsche represents a constant reference point for the whole work of Friedrich Georg Jünger, his influence assumes very divergent features and nuances in the different periods of Jünger's production. The essay analyses two crucial moments of this influence. The «first» Jünger, as a fanatical and aggressive activist of the so-called «Conservative Revolution», focuses on the Nietzschean concept of «will to power», whereas the mature phase of his essayistic production is characterized by an intensive reflection on Apollonian and Dyonisian, in connection with a peculiar interpretation of Nietzsche's doctrine of the eternal recurrence of the same.

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Article first page